The library is spacious with a collection of over 4000 volumes on humanities and law in addition to a section called the Simorgh, the ‘Simorgh’ is a mystical bird in Persian and Sufi literature that represents wisdom. The School has a well-developed Library. In keeping with the spirit of knowledge and wisdom the library has grown into a most a well stocked collection of references and texts. The library houses a rich collection of books on subjects ranging fro history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics, literature in English, Urdu and Kashmiri. The Library has built up a collection of a substantial volume of books including around back volumes of journals and other documents. The present subscription list includes many of the leading journals of academic interest that are published across the world

While building up its collection, there has always been a conscious endeavor to maintain a balanced growth of collections. The collection consists of both the primary as well as secondary resources covering both the broad subject areas of research in Social Sciences and Humanities as well as highly advanced areas of interdisciplinary research like Science, Culture and Civilization, Postmodernism, Theoretical and Cultural Studies pertaining to Philosophy, Religion, Political Science, Sociology and Economics.

Ever since its inception, the selection of books for the library has been careful and thoughtful of the needs of the School, its faculty and students.

The Library had commenced the work pertaining to computerization of its operations since its start. The routine work of the library like acquisition, cataloguing, circulation is fully computerized. The library has also acquired a substantial number of DVD/VCDs of classic films and footage, pertaining to the culture and history of Kashmir. Two Paper Copiers are installed in the Library; one at the disposal of the students and the academic staff and the other for the work of the college and official work.

The Library extends photocopying facility to the members, subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act. The School is committed to raise the infrastructure of the library and make it among the best resource of humanities and law references and texts In the Valley.