Our Objectives

To impart high quality education, training and specialized knowledge to different target groups including teacher trainees, educators, research scholars and other key change agents to develop their competencies in accordance with the best emerging trends on the principles of autonomy, excellence, self-sufficiency, collaboration and innovation.

  • Develop multifaceted abilities:To promote and develop skills, capacities and values so as to promote optimal human resources development among individuals by way of arranging special programmes and thus open new avenues of employment and professional development.
  • Adopt modern, innovative and diverse strategies :To evolve and adopt modern, innovative and diverse strategies imparting and promoting high quality learning, training, new pedagogies and technologies in diverse fields of education and other related disciplines.
  • Rromote research and publications :To promote and undertake research and publications, using multi-media and also to participate in collaborative programmes with other institutions and agencies for achieving desirable goals.